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Celeb Spotlight: The most tantalizing images of Morena Baccarin

Before she was Vanessa, Deadpool’s girlfriend in the Deadpool movies, we were sweating Brazilian-American actress Morena Baccarin as Adria from Stargate-SG1. Before she was Adria, Morena had us smitten as Chloe from How I Met Your Mother. Before she was Chloe, we could’t get enough of her as Inara Serra from the short-lived, but excellent Firefly. Before… well, you get the point.

We’ve been enamored with the thirty-nine-year old actress for a little more than a minute now. The following pictures of her from IG should speak a thousand words and then some on just why that is:

Bonus .gifs:

All smiles.

“Why don’t you?”


“What’s this?”

Don’t make her waste lipstick.

Or bullets.

Pinky promise.

Which Morena Baccarin image is your favorite? Did we leave out a key image or .gif? Let us know in the comments.

Instagram: @morenabaccarin

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