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Sexy, “empowering” slave Leia and more: our favorite Danica McKellar Instagram photos

Ladies and gentlemen, Danica McKellar.

Yes, she dressed up as what she described as an “empowering” Slave Leia this Halloween.

Yes, she’s Winnie Cooper, Kevin Arnold’s perpetual crush from The Wonder Years. Yes, she’s 43-years-old. Yes, she still looks that good. Yes, she has a bachelor’s degree in math from UCLA and has written several math books which empower young women to succeed at math. Yes, we’re just as smitten with her as you are. And yes, we want to share our favorite IG photos/posts of Danica with you:

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Steel mace, anyone?? 😎 So, I recently got a steel mace (for exercise, you guys, not as an actual weapon 😋) and I do NOT know what I am doing yet, but it makes me feel like a superhero! I incorporated my steel mace into my #McKellarMondayMotivation broadcast yesterday, which was all about how to transform negative feelings into something positive – by burning our anger like we have an incinerator in our bellies so it becomes FUEL to empower us to be our best selves. 🔥 So WE take control of our feelings instead of the other way around! I find that *exercise* is a key component of this process for me. And a steel mace just happens to be a pretty fun tool for that! . . . To see me in action, check out my instastories for a link to the live broadcast (or go find it on my Facebook page or Twitter feed if that instastory has expired by the time you read this). And to see someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS how to use a steel mace correctly 😂, check out my kickass friend @lverta1! She’s amazing!! . . . 💕 By the way, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Sunday’s #WeekendGiveaway – I gave away copies of my latest @mckellarmath book, #DoNotOpenThisMathBook, and this weekend I’ll be giving away leggings from the same company that outfitted me for this steel mace broadcast – @peonyandme! Be sure to turn on “post notifications” for my account so you are alerted the moment I post the rules for this weekend’s giveaways, and get the best shot. 😎 . . . #steelmace #weapon #workout #workoutgear #exercise #bratop #leggings #fitness #fitmom #thisis40 #motivation #angermanagement #stressrelief #fuelyourfire #incinerator #strength #power #giveaways #funfunfun

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Do you believe in miracles? 💞 I will never forget several years ago when my good friend’s baby was born prematurely at 26 weeks and less than 2 lbs, just a few months before my own son was born… The miracle workers in the NICU at Cedars Sinai along with his parents’ all-day, daily visits and outpouring of love kept this little baby alive and now he is a THRIVING 8-year-old today, good friends with my son and came to our house for birthday party yesterday! 😊 . . . My heart goes out to every parent who has a baby in the NICU right now – keep faith, spend AS MUCH time as you are allowed, being with, touching, and talking to your baby… and lean on your friends, family, and community during this time. Hugs to you! ❤❤❤ . . . And thank you to everyone supporting babies’ health, like @mamabdesigns, a mom-owned shop aimed at stylishly spreading prematurity awareness, for donating 50% of every item from the #mamabdesigns Miracle Line to the @marchofdimes, which does incredible work to support families with babies in the NICU and funds research to help these babies, too! 💞 September is #NICUawarenessmonth. 👏 . . . . #babies #charity #givingback #prematurebirths #NICU #community #faith #miracles

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#TBT to the elegant “Book Room” at Jefferson Hotel last week in D.C.! 🇺🇸 I’m still in awe of how incredible that whole trip was…(Probably going to do an old-fashioned photo album for it!) . . . And I absolutely loved learning that @thejeffersondc just launched a literacy program called “First Library.” With each reservation made at The Jefferson, the hotel will donate one book to a child through @dcpubliclibrary’s “Books from Birth” program, a partnership with Dolly Parton’s @imaginationlibrary! (Their partnership means my book “Goodnight Numbers” is in this Book Room, too – so naturally, I signed their copy!) 💕 Also, at the hotel’s lounge, Quill, for anyone who orders the literary-inspired cocktail, Persepolis, $1 will be donated to First Library. 💕 (Who knew it could be so charitable to meet a friend for drinks? 😉) So here’s a toast to literacy for ALL kids! 🍸 . . . #literacy #books #bookroom #kids #charity #givingback #JeffersonFirstLibrary #library #MyJeffersonExperience @thejeffersondc @dcpubliclibrary @imaginationlibrary Dress by @laundrybyshelli bracelets by @leezadjewelry #pearls #lace #ootd

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🌞 Well, good morning!! 🌞 I had a great time on @abc7gmw talking about my upcoming Library of Congress event, tomorrow’s National Book Festival, and my latest book, “Do Not Open This Math Book”! These lights make me look so…awake, haha. Hope you are all having a sunny morning yourselves! 🌞 . . . . . This morning (Friday) at the Library of Congress, I’ll be reading my book “Goodnight, Numbers,” in coordination with the amazing @imaginationlibrary. It will livestream at 10:30am ET – link in my instastories! . . . . Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll be speaking at the National Book Festival at 10am on the Purple Children’s Stage, and signing books (personalized for you!) 11-12pm. If you’re in the DC area, please come – admission is free to the public! . . . . #DoNotOpenThisMathBook is the latest in my @mckellarmath series of books to help kids not be afraid of math. This one focus on kids ages 6-8, teaching addition & subtraction and explaining the new common core methods in a way that is FUN and easy to understand, with the help of Mr. Mouse and many cartoons. 😊🐁😊 Link in bio! . . . . Thank you @shopbailey for the bright pink dress, perfect to wake me up this morning!! Glam by @sassy_glamm💄 . . . . #NatBookFest #kidlit #morningshow #morningnews #GoodnightNumbers @randomhousekids

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Seriously, you guys… let’s be *curious*, and take a break from judgement…of each other, even of ourselves! ❤ So many of us are so quick to judge and be “outraged” based on a headline written by someone whose job is to get clicks… Let’s strive to take a breath, reserve judgement, and remain open-minded & curious, instead! We also deserve that same tolerance towards *ourselves,* and let’s face it, you don’t really get one without the other… 😉 It’s way better for our own state of mind to let go of all this online outrage addiction, and just love each other, and ourselves…❤ . . . . . #breathe #peace #tolerance #empathy #bekind #openmind #openheart #loveeachother #loveyourself #beyourbestself

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Here’s a Wednesday kiss to all of you! 😙 I have some fun news: I’ll be doing a book signing at the biggest children’s bookstore in Los Angeles, Children’s Book World, on Saturday May 5th at 10:30am, and reading my latest book, Ten Magic Butterflies. 🦋 But BIGGER news than that is for any of you who can’t make it, you can 😊ORDER😊 personalized, signed copies of ANY of my books (between now and May 4th, while supplies last). I’ll sign it for you that day, and they will ship it to you!! Call 310.559.2665 Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm PDT. 😊 Full list of available books below! 😙 . . #GoodnightNumbers (ages 0-5) #TenMagicButterflies (ages 0-6) #MathDoesntSuck (ages 9-11, also great for adults going back to school) #KissMyMath (ages 10-13) #HotXAlgebraExposed (ages 13-15) #GirlsGetCurvesGeometry (ages 14-16) . . 🙆‍♀️ ☎️ Reserve your personalized, signed copies now! ☎️ 🙆‍♀️ 310.559.2665 . . . #kidlit @mckellarmath #childrensbookworld @randomhousekids #math #fun #booksigning 😊

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I had so much fun shooting the Spring Fever Preview Show for @HallmarkChannel a few days ago! 🌞 It’s a half-hour special airing next month where I’ll give you guys a sneak peek at the entire lineup of Hallmark’s Spring movies… 🌿 Gorgeous set, right? Amazing flowers, right? And don’t I look all warm and spring-like? Guess what? (Keep SWIPING) …It was **FREEZING** that day! ⛄⛄⛄I mean seriously, look at how the crew is dressed – jackets, scarves, wool hats!! 😂 In between takes I had a warm coat, but every time that chilling, icy wind picked up in the middle of a shot, I had to pretend it was a warm spring breeze, haha! 😂😂 Well, if I did my job, you’ll never see my chattering teeth but only come away with a happy, springtime warmth in your heart…😉 Airs Saturday March 10th at 11pm on @hallmarkchannel! 😘

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