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Celeb Crush: Jennifer Lopez

If you haven’t been keeping up with Jenny from the block, rest easy — the singer, actress, dancer, producer and former Fly Girl is looking better (and flyer) than ever at age 49. The proud Puerto Rican isn’t resting easy on her $320 million net worth either — she announced her engagement to former baseball star Alex Rodriguez in March 2019 and a month earlier her first concert tour in almost seven years, It’s My Party: The Live Celebration, a twenty-four date North America tour taking place during June and July of 2019.

We’ve had a crush on Jennifer Lopez for a minute now, from her days on In Living Color to her first hit single to her appearance as Terri Flores in the movie Anaconda to the present. The following are our favorite alluring images and videos of JLo:

Bonus .gifs:

She must work out:

Sing it, girl:


Hair whip:

Bounce it:

So beautiful:


Shake again:

Once more for good measure:


Twitter: @JLo

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