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Cardi B’s raunchy texts with Offset gross out fans

Even though their marriage hit a rough patch last year, Cardi B and husband Offset have closer than ever lately; it looks like taking care of baby Kulture hasn’t sapped any of the energy away from the two’s love life either, as their video for “Clout” amply demonstrates.

The couple’s on-screen chemistry extends well to the texting, or sexting world as well, as a recent IG post by Cardi (a dirty text which begins with a link to a scientific study for passing gass in front of one’s partner improving the relationship and ended with Cardi demanding a specific region of Offset’s anatomy) proved:

“I love sending romantic text messages to babe,” wrote in the IG message. Cardi B would go on to delete the post, but not before it went viral, in some cases for the wrong reasons, with fans.

“This is both gross and funny as hell, but no that’s just foul, some things should keep between Y’all,” a fan wrote on the deleted message.

Do you think Cardi B’s text crossed the line or was it simply funny banter between a loving couple?

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