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Cardi B announces brand-new partnership with Reebok

They might not be red bottoms or [that] expensive, but Cardi B’s definitely making money moves: namely, a partnership with global athletic footwear and apparel company, Reebok. The red-hot “Girls Like You” and “Money” rapper revealed the news earlier today on her Instagram account, flossing a black tracksuit and a pair of Reebok Aztrek sneakers, a classic ’90s shoe Reebok recently reintroduced to their lineup:

“Cardi isn’t just a world-class entertainer,” Reebok said in a coinciding press release. “She’s a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and — above all else — a fearless individual. She’s broken every mold that superstars are supposed to fit into — and she’s reached the top by following nobody’s path but her own.”

“Everything that you love about Cardi is what you love about Reebok,” Reebok added. “Reebok has a longstanding legacy of nonconformity, whether it’s creating the first workout shoe exclusively for women or putting bold-faced expletives and fresh-faced hip hop stars in its big ad campaigns in the early ‘00s,” a Reebok rep explained.

Will you be copping a pair of Aztreks or Reebok shoes in light of Cardi’s new partnership? Let us know in the comments.

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