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Chance the Rapper saved a man from a burning car on Easter Sunday

Three-time-Grammy-award-winning hip-hop-artist Chance the Rapper can add another accomplishment to his already impressive list of accolades, this one perhaps his most outstanding, well ever — that’s because the twenty-five-year-old “No Problem” artist saved a man’s life on the way to church on Easter Sunday of 2018.

As Chance recounted on his IG account:

Ay so I never told this to the world but my friends can merch. I saved a persons by myself on Easter Sunday this year omw to church.

Basically I was driving to church dolo, about to go south on lakeshore [drive] and another car drives into the wall in front of me goin like 90 mph comin off the exit. I was the only person out there when it first happened and his car was on fire so I had to break his window take off his seatbelt let his seat back and pull a whole grown man out the car unconscious.

Though initially unsure of the man’s recovery process, after sharing the story on IG, Chance was contacted by the man’s nephew:

A kid DM’d me saying it was his uncle and that he lived!!

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 31, 2018

“A kid DM’d me saying it was his uncle and that he lived!!”

As the Chicago-born rapper said in his song “Angels”: “I got my city doing front flips. When every father, mayor, rapper jumped ship. I guess that’s why they call it where I stay. Clean up the streets so my daughter could have somewhere to play.”

Chance truly has made his city a better place, one his daughter and others can be proud to live in.

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