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Celebrity Spotlight: Our favorite images of Emma Watson

If you still think Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson’s biggest claim to fame is playing Harry Potter‘s Hermione Granger, you need to get with the times — she’s all grown up now. After receiving top billing as Belle in 2017’s live-action take on Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast, the twenty-eight-year-old English actress was recently announced as replacement for Emma Stone (for the role of Meg March according to IMDB) in the upcoming Greta Gerwig remake of Little Women.

To celebrate, a gallery of some of our favorite Emma Watson pictures of all time (and some bonus .gifs as well)– from magazine photoshoots to red carpet appearances, Emma’s captivating beauty is undeniable:

Bonus .gifs:

On the dancefloor (from 2013’s The Bling Ring):



Did we leave out any of your favorite Emma Watson images? Let us know in the comments.

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