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Celeb Spotlight: Our favorite Milana Vayntrub images

You might know her as Lily Adams from the AT&T commercials; or (almost) Squirrel Girl in the (now in limbo) New Warriors Marvel TV series; or maybe even as Subway Rat Woman in 2016’s Ghostbusters. However you know her, we can all agree the thirty-one-year-old Uzbekistan born actress Milana Vayntrub is entertaining and fun to look at to boot — so we put together our favorite images of her from IG to share with you:

And now, as a parting gift — parting .gifs of Milana:

Hot in here or it just her?

::shoulder shrug::

When you wink and simultaneously get something stuck in your eye.

I don’t think that goes in there.


I suppose that’s one way to do a mic check.


Instagram: @mintmilana

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