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The Bruna Luccas Bikini collection

This is Bruna Luccas.

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Always walking forward, but NEVER forgetting who YOU are and where you came from – McDonalds KITCHEN 🍟🍔 – March 1 2016 to May 2 2017. I am quite grateful to the opportunity, when I first came to this country they gave me the opportunity to join their family. This part of my life is over, I am still working hard everyday, but I thank God because things in your life will always get better. Follow your dreams, your goals, walking with GOD things will always work out. Remember beauty, your only enemy is yourself, in this life we learn everyday something new, and that’s essential to get there, to achieve your goals. Stop listening for negativity people! Focus. 4 am, tired, angry about everything, but always when I got there – McDonald’s – my family was there waiting for me, with a HUGE smile in the face, people that I will NEVER forget, whatever you do in your life be more than proud of yourself, do your best, you have to remember that’s how you get there, life teaches you and you have to learn. #Godbless #whowantsabigmac #mcdonalds

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The Brazilian-born fitness enthusiast’s dedication and empowering attitude caught our eyes and we haven’t been able to look away ever since. According to Bruna, her routine used to go as follows:

This girl is 21 years old, she wakes up to work at McDonald’s at 4 am, works from 5 am to 2 pm and then goes to her other job, her day ends at 11 pm. Then she goes to the gym. No matter how much work she has, she goes every day. You know why? ‘Cuz gym is her life 🍔🙌🏻 What’s your excuse? Beautiful, you can do it! We all have time!

Although she looks every bit as alluring in a dress:

Or in a pair of jeans:

Or doing deep squats at the gym:

We’ve decided to feature Bruna’s beauty in a bikini because we miss summer and because Bruna’s body is beyond bangin’. The following are our favorite Bruna bikini shots:

Bonus .gif:

We wanna party with Bruna:

YouTube: Bruna Luccas

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