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R. Kelly’s streams have increased in wake of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docuseries

Although Lifetime’s recent six-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly has brought the 52-year-old R&B artist’s past physical, mental and sexual abuse of young women once more into public scrutiny and caused fellow artists such as John Legend and Lady Gaga to denounce Kelly for his unanswered transgressions, the surrounding uproar has unfortunately been a double-edged sword.

Allgamenab via Wikimedia Commons

Nielsen Music reports that Kelly’s streaming numbers have nearly doubled since the series’ premiere. “His music streamed 870,316 times on Jan. 2, the day before the series premiere, but Nielsen said Thursday Kelly’s music garnered nearly 1.73 million streams after the sixth episode aired Jan. 6. Kelly averaged more than 955,600 streams in the last week of 2018. He averaged more than 1.5 million streams from Jan. 3-6.”

Kelly continues to deny any wrongdoing and hasn’t faced any new charges since Surviving R. Kelly has aired at the time of this writing.

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